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Why Responsible Alcohol Policies Are Crucial During Team Events

The best way to determine drinking after work is the implementation of workplace alcohol testing. Types of testing include pre-employment, random, reasonable cause, and post-accident/incident testing for alcohol. Any kind of alcohol testing can be achieved using an alcohol breath tester, more commonly known as breathalysers. Alcohol breath tests using breathalysers is the most cost-effective and efficient method, especially with devices like Breathalysers New Zealands’ BACtrack workplace breathalysers available online. Workplaces that encourage drinking marginalize the many Americans—as many as 30 percent—who don’t drink at all for whatever reason. Some have substance abuse disorders; others abstain for religious or health reasons or because they simply don’t like the taste or effects of alcohol.

  • It is important to note that the guidance doesn’t end with staying home and away from others when sick.
  • As far as the Government as an employer is concerned, an employee’s decision to drink is that individual’s personal business.
  • We considered multiple options for adjusting isolation guidance at different lengths of time.
  • If you find yourself regularly drinking to get through the workday, it might be time to reassess your relationship with alcohol and seek support if necessary.
  • It is important, Shea said, that the employer not treat the employee who has alcoholism differently from an employee who does not have alcoholism but who shows up to work hung over a few times a year.

It’s important to emphasise that being drunk at work is not acceptable and to ensure they have a copy of your alcohol and drugs policy. For example, sending the worker for reasonable suspicion breath alcohol testing is required by federal law for employees regulated by the U.S. Still, by setting clear expectations and boundaries with staff, HR can play a role in curbing destructive drinking behaviors. While having drinks with coworkers and employees may seem like a harmless bonding activity, things can quickly take a turn for the worse. Companies should instead suggest activities that encourage camaraderie among coworkers, leading to a healthier and stronger bonding experience and lessening the risk of repercussions brought on by after-work drinks. Employees who may be in recovery or simply choose not to drink might feel uncomfortable in an environment where alcohol is abundant.

The Workplace Events Calendar: Office Events for Every Part of the Year

«Generally, we recommend compassion and accommodations for employees who suffer from a substance use disorder to allow them to get help, but also recommend using caution with substance use in the workplace,» she said. But a worker whose condition of employment required agreeing to alcohol testing for reasonable cause can likely be terminated for this refusal, and the employer would probably be on sound legal footing, Hoyman said. She added that employers should check state and local laws on workplace drug and alcohol testing. Management should suggest and encourage social activities with employees over drinking after work. According to the survey, 10% of bosses don’t mind getting drunk in front of employees, which greatly increases the risk of creating an uncomfortable workplace.

employees drinking at work after hours

If an employee chooses to use the EAP at your urging, he or she may enter some type of treatment program as described earlier in this booklet. If the employee does not choose to go into treatment, the next step will be to take any disciplinary or corrective actions that are necessary. Before actually meeting with the employee, you should gather any documentation of performance or conduct problems and think about what items to discuss with the employee.

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Don’t treat them like an oddity or press them on it if it seems like they’d rather not get into it. A 1994 study that compared those who fasted before drinking with those who ate a modest breakfast found that subjects with food in their system had a slower rate of intoxication and a 70% lower blood alcohol level. Weaving in adult beverages into your office culture also has another advantage – it sends a message that you trust your employees to act like adults. Alcohol is neither the devil’s fire water to be avoided at all costs nor a panacea for a lackluster company culture, but it can play a role in your organization.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that young people are leading the charge. Between 2002 and 2018, the share of college students who said they abstain from alcohol increased from 20% to 28%, according to a study from JAMA Pediatrics. Ok, so your company just announced regular Friday happy hours and a beer pong tournament next Thursday.

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