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Saudi National Bank Wikipedia

what is snb

If necessary, the SNB may also use additional monetary policy measures to influence the exchange rate or the interest rate level. The SNB’s monetary policy strategy sets out how the SNB implements its monetary policy mandate. The first element specifies what the SNB understands by price stability. The second element refers to the conditional inflation forecast as the main indicator for monetary policy and as a central instrument of communication.

  1. Others feared the passage would place too much power in the hands of the central bank.
  2. “However, inflation is likely to increase again somewhat in the coming months due to higher electricity prices and rents, as well as the rise in VAT.” The SNB said in its December policy statement.
  3. The overal fundamental outlook is not particulay favourable for CHF given Swiss inflation continues to decline and diverge from official estimates.
  4. There are 100,000 shares that are registered, each with a nominal value of CHF 250.

To ensure price stability, the SNB must maintain appropriate monetary conditions. If interest rates remain too low for an extended period, this will trigger an excess demand for goods and services. Although such factors may boost the economy initially, bottlenecks occur over time and production capacity becomes stretched, causing a rise in the price level. This has a dampening effect on the development of prices for goods and services.

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Inflationary pressures increase when the economy is overheating, and they decrease when production capacity is not fully utilised. The SNB must gradually restore price stability by tightening monetary policy, in the first case, and easing it, in the latter. Consequently, monetary policy that is geared to price stability has a smoothing effect on aggregate demand and thus fosters steady economic growth.

The pair is overall in short-term uptrend with the expectation that it will eventually breakout from the current range and start moving higher. However, resistance from a long-term trendline and the 50-week Simple Moving Average (SMA) present considerable obstacles to a prolongation of the trend. In its latest batch of data, Swiss headline inflation rose 1.2% YoY in February, down from 1.3% in January, and increased 0.6%, up from 0.2% in January, on a month-on-month basis.

When inflation is above target or forecasted to be above target in the foreseeable future, the bank will attempt to tame excessive price growth by raising its policy rate. Higher interest rates are generally positive for the Swiss Franc (CHF) as they lead to higher yields, making the country a more attractive place for investors. At , you will find easy-to-understand information about the SNB and its monetary policy, the value of price stability, the history of the minimum exchange rate and much more besides. This website provides easy-to-understand information about the SNB and its monetary policy, the value of price stability, the history of the minimum exchange rate and much more besides.

The situation is more complex if price increases are triggered by shocks that increase companies’ costs and cause these companies to reduce production. In such circumstances, monetary policy must, on the one hand, make sure that the higher production costs do not create an inflationary spiral. On the other hand, it must ensure that the companies affected by the increased production costs are not overburdened.

Swiss Franc: risks lie to the downside as inflation diverges from SNB forecasts

While we work to unify our products and services, please keep banking at your current banking centers. This change will have no immediate impact on your day-to-day banking. Continue working with your current Relationship Manager or banking center, use the same checks and mobile applications, and log in to the same online services at Due to weather conditions, NY banking centers in Orange, Rockland, Ulster, and Sullivan county will open at 10am today. Online Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM’s, and the Contact Center remain available. The SNB holds quarterly monetary policy assessments at which it reviews its monetary policy stance.

The requirement to act in the interests of the country as a whole also means that the SNB must gear its policy to the needs of the entire Swiss economy rather than the interests of individual regions or industries. The Chairman of the SNB Thomas Jordan has expressed concerns about the Swiss Franc’s excessive strength, particularly its impact on Swiss businesses, especially exporters. The SNB implemented a rate hike of 0.25% in June 2023, raising rates from 1.50% to 1.75% to combat the threat of higher inflation. As such, banks essentially create money as they lend out more cash than what they actually have in their vaults. The SNB accounts for around 10% of the country’s supply of money, with the rest created by lenders in the form of credit. SNB strategy is closely aligned with the Saudi Vision programs, levering on its position as the largest institutional and specialized financier in the Kingdom to support the Kingdom’s landmark deals and mega projects.

what is snb

Banks are required to meet reserve requirements but under this kind of system, only a fraction of bank deposits are guaranteed by the central bank. There are 100,000 shares that are registered, each with a nominal value of CHF 250. Roughly half of the SNB’s shares are held by the country’s state-owned banks and other public corporations. The remainder of SNB shares is held by private shareholders in the domestic and foreign markets. The SNB equates price stability with a rise in the Swiss consumer price index (CPI) of less than 2% per annum.


The third element describes how the SNB implements its monetary policy by influencing the interest rate level and the exchange rate. If forecast inflation indicates a deviation from the range of price stability, an adjustment in monetary policy could prove necessary in the future. Should inflation threaten to exceed 2% on a sustained basis, the SNB would envisage a tightening of its monetary policy.

For the SNB, price stability means a rise in the Swiss Consumer Price Index (CPI) of less than 2% per year. To ensure price stability, the SNB maintains appropriate monetary conditions. In so doing, it seeks to keep the secured short-term Swiss franc money market rates close to the SNB policy rate. The most important secured short-term Swiss franc interest rate is SARON (Swiss Average Rate Overnight).

Each of these assessments results in a monetary policy decision and the publication of a medium-term inflation forecast. The term Swiss National Bank (SNB) refers to the central bank of Switzerland. Founded in 1906, the SNB is located in Berne and Zurich, with six other offices in the country along with a branch office in Singapore. The central bank acts as an independent body, taking charge of the country’s monetary policy and ensuring national price stability.

When does the Swiss National Bank Governing Council decide on monetary policy?

The bank council is responsible for overseeing and controlling the SNB’s business activities. The executive and management body of the bank is called the governing board. This board oversees asset management, monetary policy, along with international cooperation and financial stability in the nation.

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