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Mixing Meth and Alcohol: Can You Drink on Meth?

This chemical slows down the brain’s activity, resulting in a calming and sedative effect. An inpatient medical detox program can provide 24/7 supervision and care, helping prevent potentially fatal complications. In addition, an inpatient setting can offer a more comfortable detox experience. If you’d like to stop using meth, you have options for confidential support Leer más…

Why Responsible Alcohol Policies Are Crucial During Team Events

The best way to determine drinking after work is the implementation of workplace alcohol testing. Types of testing include pre-employment, random, reasonable cause, and post-accident/incident testing for alcohol. Any kind of alcohol testing can be achieved using an alcohol breath tester, more commonly known as breathalysers. Alcohol breath tests using breathalysers is the most cost-effective Leer más…

Why Are Divorce Memoirs Still Stuck in the 1960s? The New York Times

By setting the right expectations and considering treatment for yourself, you can overcome addiction together with your partner. For example, someone who abuses substances may be at a higher risk for addiction. This depends on which substance they are misusing and for how long. BetterHelp can connect you to an addiction and mental health counselor. Leer más…

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